Model & Process Support

A built-in visualized support for project models and production models.

With the help of this function you can guarantee your organization follows established rules and regulations. You can easily overview what phase the project is in and how the work is progressing.

Model Support

With the Model Support in Copernicus Project your company gets help with insuring and making the most of those investments made in your project model. By introducing a system support the use of the project model is spread, this results in compliance being higher.

With Copernicus Project you even get an effective tool that facilitates the introduction of the project models in the operation by the function including system support for control as well as production. Furthermore, production models can be built or reused based on experiences from earlier projects. Thanks to the simplicity of making standardizations around our chosen models, working with initiating new projects are made easier.

Through Copernicus Project containing a standard function for connections towards electronic documentation for project models, the information becomes more accessible in day-to-day work. An example of a completed connection that exists is PPS Online from Tieto.

Process Support

With Copernicus Project Process Support you get a built-in support for automatisation of processes, that is a so-called ‘workflow’. This gives cost savings by automatizing, streamlining, and simplifying the administrative work.

Copernicus Project Process Support the introduction of system support is simplified as other parts of the operation can agree on a common solution, but tailor the tool according to specific needs. The Process Support is delivered with a number of ready processes for project management and resource management, as well as invoicing.

Document Management

Copernicus Project has a built-in function for Document Management. This function is used to store and version manage documents and forms. Copernicus Project can handle all types of file formats in its Document Management. There is functionality for secure check-in and check-out of documents.

It is also possible to create links to the documents that are stored in another place and that can be opened from Copernicus Project.

The documents can be stored in document structures with the help of folders, which make it easy to arrange and search for different types of documents.

There is functionality for handling so-called regulatory documents.

The Document Management is accessible in several functions, among others the Project Planning and the Project Model Support. It is possible for example to set up document templates in Copernicus Project, connected to application of project models or production models. In Copernicus Project Project Planning project documents can be stored in the project so that project participants with authorization have access to all common project documents.


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