Effectively improve the organisation’s tied up capital.

Copernicus Project Invoicing will make your invoicing process more effective. The project managers and/or the key account managers can create invoices themselves with the help of an easily used guide. Upon completion the invoice is forwarded for central print out. There is also the possibility of sending invoices to the accounts department, for checking or further handling. The system reduces the time spent on the administration of the invoicing process.

As an alternative all or parts of the invoicing occurs centrally as for an example the finance department. A big advantage is that just your organization can choose to invoice all or parts centralized for decentralized.

Copernicus Project Invoicing can handle different types of invoicing, for example current accounts, current accounts with a capped price or a fixed price. For fixed price projects invoicing takes place normally as on account, that is the invoicing is booked as a debt in the general ledger. The stock of worked up hours are estimated as revenue (see further Copernicus Project Project Reporting). It is also possible to set up payment plans in advance for fixed price projects in Copernicus Pro.

When invoicing current account you can choose which level of detail shall be printed out on the invoice. It is also possible to completely rewrite the invoice in connection with the invoicing.

As an additional function, the function for the handling of order invoicing, agreement invoicing, article invoicing, and e-invoicing is offered.


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