Technical installation

A technical solution adapted according to different needs.

Different platforms

Copernicus Business Suite is a technical open solution that can be installed and run on technologies from Microsoft, Linux, IBM, and Apple.

We have long experience of delivering on these platforms and can design an application that suits your particular needs.

Own server

Many companies prefer to install Copernicus Business Suite on their own server. If you have your own personnel who take care of the operation of systems and servers, this is a good solution.

We also offer technical operational support to our customers who want to have their own server but need to strengthen their own organization with technical support.

Cloud services

Copernicus Business Suite can be delivered as a cloud solution. The advantage of a cloud solution is that you then share with other customers resources, for example processor power, storage, functions, and services over the internet. You do not need to have technical knowledge or control of the infrastructure.

A cloud solution at Exicom means the Copernicus Business Suite can be delivered at lower risk and is adapted to the operation’s priorities, and at the same time give increased visibility, control, and automation – all at a lower total cost. Our cloud solution provides you with the possibility of only focusing on the operation’s questions.

We co-operate with among others Amazon, one of the world’s largest cloud suppliers. We also co-operate with Swedish suppliers, if you want to guarantee that all data is stored within Sweden’s borders.

Web Browser

The Copernicus Business Suite can be used together with the market’s most common web browsers, such as MS Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox.

Certain functions require permission to download a java applet for increased functionality.


Exicom has as a long-term strategy for Copernicus Business Suite’s functions to be used on Smartphones. They should then be used and experienced as a so-call native app, which saves on the telephone’s battery time and you don’t always need to be connected for the functions to work.

The apps for Copernicus Business Suite will be on those platforms that the market prefers. They are currently on iPhone and Android.


Copernicus Business Suite supports SOA, which is service-based architecture that involves the system communicating with other systems, with for example XML and SOAP.

In a system built up according to SOA, resources are accessible for other systems within a network as independent services and can be called up and addressed in a standard way. The purpose of SOA is to fulfill those business-like requirements in an IT system.

In other words, a modern architecture!


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