Travel Claims

Immediate project accounting of travel claims. Brings about better tied-up capital if you invoice project outlay.

Simplifies administration around the handling of travel claims and private outlay. Your organization can follow-up actual costs faster and if you work with external projects you can invoice outlays faster.

In Copernicus Project Travel Claims the reporting of the organization’s travel rules and regulations are controlled. This applies to price setting for the project as well as compensation for the employee.

There can be reporting of subsistence allowance (domestic as well as abroad), night allowance, meal deductions, travelling time compensation, outlay, representation, and mileage allowance.

For reporting of outlay, specific outlay codes are set up, that are later mapped against the types of work.

Coding occurs by indicating what or which project is to be charged. Alternatively, you can code a Travel Claim as a cost for a department. It is possible to have a per cent division. It is also possible to handle a general coding, but also have differing coding on separate rows.

For receipts there is a special Receipt Print Out. Documentation is printed out where you can then staple all of the receipts.

Payment and coding against the general ledger occurs through the organization’s payroll system (requires the function Copernicus Project Connect).

Copernicus Project Travel Claims is supplied with an authorization view for line managers and payroll administrators. The authorization view contains possibilities for or returning incorrect rows. The authorization view for the payroll administrator even contains functions for handling corrections and recoding.


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