In a mobile world you should be able to enter your time report at the office, at home, on the bus or on the plane.

Time Reporting

Time Reporting in Copernicus Project is easy to use and reduces the number of double entries within the organisation. You can manage your time reporting either through a website or on a Smartphone. You can’t get more mobile than this.

By having a schedule for every co-worker you know that all time has been reported and it becomes divided in the project, line work and absence. The time is authorised by the line manager or project manager.
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Travel Claims

Through this function every co-worker can register his or her own travel expense report regarding outlay, subsistence allowance and travel on a website. This results in the travel claims reports being booked on to the project immediately and this makes up the basis for invoicing if you have external customer projects, unlike if they come in the month after in the payroll system.
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Purchasing and Material

Invoices entered in your ERP-system and accounted on a project, can be transferred via a standard interface to Copernicus Project. In that way the project manager gets a complete follow-up of the project in one place.

Besides this, you can register different types of outlay and material in the project direct in Copernicus Project.
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