Resource planning

Good overview! Easy to use! Better control! Better advance planning!

With Copernicus Project Resource Planning you have full control of your capacity planning and resource utilization. You can also forecast how future deals’ influence on resource planning. The key to success with a resource planning tool is that everyone at the company uses it and that all time is planned. Our resource planning function is therefore designed to be easy to use.

Copernicus Project Resource Planning can handle planning of all time, attendance as well as absence. Resource Planning presupposes co-worker’s individual schedules. Available time is calculated automatically from the bookings that are made preliminarily or definitively.

Resource requests from the projects are handled in an inbox where the need from different projects is responded to. Line managers can even handle the booking of another time for his or her department from a planning desk, for example line work, internal time and absence. From here even rescheduling can be done.

This function gives the possibility to plan the resources in the short term or long term, in detail or on an overall level. With Resource Planning you can in a structured way do:

  • Department planning
  • Capacity planning
  • Operation planning
  • Team planning
  • Personal planning

Resource Planning offers the possibility to continuously have a good overview of every department and co-worker’s planning, so you can see future needs that results in improving advance planning.

To get effective operational control requires that you control and follow up administration, support, absence, project, and line work, Copernicus Project offers you a tool to control both forwards utilization and follow-up backwards utilization.

In graphical histogram you can easily see resource utilization and available time. Here it is even possible to include prospects and non-decided projects. These can be categorized into different groups, the likelihood of the equivalent percentage and can be weighted when calculating the workload.

With the help of Copernicus Project’s Workflow management you can set up the system to support the company’s own processes with requests and booking of resources. As a resource owner one can easily survey co-workers’ resource utilization and even see which assignments a co-worker is booked on.

We offer even a functionality for handling a competence database where you can collect information on co-workers’ competence and background. This information can easily be maintained by the co-worker himself/herself and used internally within the company as well as externally in connection with for example when working with quotes. Via the Form management function there is the possibility to print out a CV to attach for example in offers.

Team Planning

Copernicus Project Team Planning is directed towards organizations where the team delivers services to projects and other operations, and require the needs of coordinated planning for the team.

With this function the team leader can easily handle planning of his or her operation where the activities originate from different projects. A big advantage of Team Planning is that the team leader does not need to make any formal bookings, but can easily plan the team’s resources in optional activities.

Team Planning is especially suitable for operations that handle many small matters and activities.

Team Planning is handled from a common plan for each team. There is the possibility of handling inboxes that can be reached directly from the respective team’s plan. Time reporting and follow up of activities that are handled from Team Planning, take place in the orderer’s project.

With Copernicus Project Team Planning you can increase the workload degree for the team, at the same time the efficient handling saves time for the team leader as well as the team members. In addition to saving money, the function also leads to decreased stress and more satisfied co-workers.


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