For all project operations it is a question of having a good pair of binoculars. Here you can plan projects, line work, programs, portfolios and resources. Better long-term planning is hard to find!

Project Planning

With Copernicus Project Project Planning you can easily plan and estimate your project. By using templates for different types of projects the work is simplified and makes an integrated way of working easier. The project can be broken down into work-packages, activities, and milestones using the graphical WBS-tool. You can also work directly from the Gantt-chart.

There is also support for project models and production models. In this way you can guarantee that the organization follows established rules and regulations in the company. Some examples of project models used by customers are PMI, Prince2, PPS, XLPM, and PEJL.

The needs of the project provide the basis for resource requests. It is possible to request on a role/competence level, as well as the designated individual. It is also possible to search for available resources.

The Project Planning function support planning of projects as well as other operations that are carried on in project-like form, for example line work, resource consulting, etc.

Resource Planning

With Copernicus Project Resource Planning you have full control of your future capacity planning and resource utilization, and can see the consequences of future business.

The Resource Planning module presupposes co-workers’ individual schedules. Available time is worked out automatically from the bookings that are made, preliminarily or definitively. Planning can be managed of both presence as well as absence.

This function makes it possible to resource plan from one’s needs in the short or long term, detailed or on a comprehensive level.

With the Resource Planning module, you can in a structured way do:

  • Department planning
  • Capacity planning
  • Operational planning
  • Team planning
  • Personal planning

Portfolio Management

With the Portfolio Management module it is possible to plan new initiatives within the operation. You get an overview of all new initiatives and can plan these in with those that are on-going.

Together with the modules Project Planning and Resource Planning you will obtain unique possibilities so as to plan the operation both short and long term.


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