An effective and smooth tool for both the small and large company that shortens lead time and improves tied-up capital in the operation.

Project invoicing

Copernicus Project has several functions for project invoicing. Invoicing can be done centrally by administrative staff or decentralized by the key account manager or project manager.

The financial personnel have access to advanced tools for the invoicing process with a very smooth and flexible management that is built for experts.

The project manager and the key account manager have access to tools that help them to create their own invoices. In order to simplify the application and ensure that you are doing the right thing, the user is guided through the invoicing process.

Shared financing

If there are several financiers to an individual project the costs can be shared between these. The division between the financiers occurs in percentage with the possibility of different rules for the respective projects. The system creates summary invoices to the respective financier if you are financing several projects. There is the possibility of handling joint ventures where a part of a project is financed internally and a part externally. Contract invoicing

The Contract invoicing module manages invoicing of contracts periodically, for example, maintenance agreements or rental agreements. When a contract has been inserted an invoice is generated automatically in the coming periods and is book kept according to establish rules. Contract invoicing keeps track of both invoicing and allocation of revenue.

Article invoicing

Article invoicing is a smooth way of complementing project invoicing and in that way speeds up the invoicing for material and purchases. There can for example be stocked goods or different types of packets that need to be invoiced to the customer.

You can even choose to download a file that is invoiced in article invoicing from a specific pre-system, for example from a course administrative pre-system.


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