Portfolio Management

Easier decisions with a tool for structuring and managing the process for prioritising and on making decisions towards new and on-going projects.

Copernicus Project Portfolio Management provides you with a view of all of the organization’s projects. You choose whether you want to see all projects, a specific portfolio or if you want to create a list of projects.

For the chosen project you can choose one of the following three reports:

  • Status report
  • Overall schedule
  • Pipeline

Portfolio Management collects information from the project plan as well as the status reports that the project manager updates. The contents of the status reports can be adapted so they correspond to your organization’s needs. It could be a question of status indicators, types of values or text. There can be follow-up of planning as well as reprocessing as a forecast for the projects. Even the views in the Portfolio Management, that is content in columns, can be adapted according to the needs of the organization.

In the overall schedule you can see where the chosen projects are in time in relation to each other. In this way you can easily see if you have too many projects scheduled at the same time and thereby take care of this by moving or alternatively stopping projects. You also have the possibility to see in what phase a project is in, with connection to your project model.

The Pipeline gives you a quick overview of which phase or which decision point or tollgate the project is in, respectively. This information gives you an idea of how many projects are on the way in and how many projects are on the way to being phased out. Through this graphic presentation you can assure yourselves that you have continuity in your deliveries.

Copernicus Project Portfolio Management even has an additional function for Program Management.

With the help of Copernicus Project Program Management you can easily create a program where the incoming project is connected to the program. In addition to the program reporting summarized schedules, you can even see summaries of the estimated time, outcome, and forecasts. It is possible to expand a project or follow up details from the program.

The function is aimed at organizations that work with programs but is also suitable for other needs of summation, for example following up of products or other types of services.

With Copernicus Project Program Management the time spent on the compilation of data in a program is diminished. Through the full transparency you have all of the information for the project that is included in the program served up. Copernicus Project Program Management provides you with increased control of costs and speeds up follow-up and forecast management of the program. You get quicker ‘early warnings’ and several projects will reach completion in the estimated time and cost.


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