Control and follow-up

Copernicus Project provides great possibilities towards effective control and follow up of the operation within the project organisation.

Project control

Copernicus Project offers several possibilities towards following up actual reported hours and costs on the projects. The project manager sees the reported time on a project or activity level and can follow-up costs via different reports.

The accounts department can follow projects from an economy controlling perspective, that is connected to internal financing or customer invoicing.

You can reschedule directly in the Gantt-chart and select a new version of a plan and keep the original plan that was decided upon. Requests about resources can be made as necessary, where you also see which resources are available.

Project forecasts can be made with the starting point from actual reported hours and cost up to a chosen cut-off date + planned hours and cost (remaining work) after the cutoff date.

It is possible to retrieve status reports about the projects. These can also be viewed in the Project Portfolio.

Operation control

Resource planning means you have the possibility to continuously have a good overview of every department and co-worker’s planning and you can see future needs. This means that you have better long-term planning.

In order to have an effective operational control it requires you to control and follow up, administration, support, absence and project and line work, with Copernicus Project you get a tool for controlling both forwards and following up backwards.

Control of Project Portfolios

A project portfolio consists of a number of different projects that requires you to follow them up together. The Project Portfolio function means you get a basis for deciding an optimal mix of resources and projects to reach the organization’s operational and financial goals in the best way. At the same time you have to take into consideration the limitations that exist with regard to customer undertakings, strategic goals or other external factors.

With this function you can prioritize and follow up the different project portfolios that you have chosen to control.

Program Control

Program Control is the process of handling several related projects with a clear purpose for the operation, often with the intention for improving an organization’s result. An example is an organizational change. It is possible to get an updated summary of actual, planning and forecast for a program in real time. It is followed up from a program plan.

Analysis & Statistics

There are several ways to obtain statistics in Copernicus Project. Customer statistics can be compiled related to actual reported and invoiced totally per customer and per project. Product statistics can be compiled per product group and product code. Through co-worker statistics you get a good picture of what an organization worked with, as well as the level of charging and outcome in hours and money compared to earlier periods.

The information in Copernicus Project can be exported to an external data warehouse with predefined cubes. You can then use different types of reporting tools to create your own reports to twist and turn the information. The most common tool for using the data warehouse is Microsoft’s report solutions.


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