Exicom leads in complete solutions for guiding project activities.

Project management can be a prerequisite for the company’s business activity or support for business, depending on the type of business. In both cases Exicom can help with solutions that streamline and improve. Project activity exists within most organizations, regardless of whether you work with assignment activity, internal operational development, product development or advanced service deliveries.

To our help we also have our competent partners.

Some of our partners


Tieto has been an Exicom partner since 2004. The collaboration focuses on Tieto’s PPS project method and Copernicus Pro’s standard function for creating a template project based on PPS. In Exicom’s demand picture for functionality for Copernicus Pro, PPS is consistently found and Exicom’s consultants are familiar with PPS. Tieto’s consultants are familiar with Copernicus Pro and the advantages of the products, with a comprehensive view of managing projects.


AAA Soliditet AB has been a partner of Exicom since 2011. Integration solutions provide daily credit ratings and limits – according to Soliditet’s nordic credit assessment system – direct in Copernicus’ Accounts Receivable. Alarm lists, that combine information about changes in credit rating with information about what is unpaid and what is non-invoiced, can automatically be sent out to customer managers as well as the accounts department.

A big advantage with this solution is that it automates the management of credit ratings and provides quick information to the co-workers concerned. You get early warning signals that help you to avoid credit risks, and you can discover and make use of positive changes. With increased knowledge and good tools you get better control that provides you with increased revenue, lower costs, and improved tying up of capital.


Intrum has been a partner of Exicom since 2011. Through integration between Copernicus Pro and Intrum it’s possible to automatically transfer overdue invoices to Intrum for debt collection management. With a demand for payment code you can easily control when an invoice should be transferred to Intrum. The solution gives quick management of demands for payment and eliminates mistakes. The integration with Intrum speeds up payment demand management and improves the tying up of capital. At the same time the company’s credit losses are reduced.


Anders Blomé is included in Exicom’s network of professional actors within the the area of Enterprise Project Management. Anders Blomé works with among other things the certification of project managers within the framework of IPMA and Svenskt ProjektForum.